@ New York Hall of Science

Project! World's Fair

In October 2014, Glowing Pictures was commissioned by the New York Hall Of Science to create "Shadows of the Future" as a part of Project! Worlds Fair commemorating the 50th anniversary of the 1964 NY Worlds Fair. "Shadows of the Future" was an epic, multi-channel story where audience participants could perform with custom video instruments over a panoramic display. The resulting narrative was a realtime collective remix of the shadows of space-age futurism.


I knew when I decided to do this event that I wanted to invite Owen to participate. I love the way he thinks about, augments and enhances spaces, while engaging audiences with new and exciting interactive possibilities.
— Elizabeth Slagus : Director of Public Programs, New York Hall of Science

Dead or Alive

Participatory visuals and projection mapping at New York Hall of Science for Halloween 2013 with Shantell Martin!

Animation Opening

For the opening of NYSCI's "Animation" exhibit in May 2012,Glowing Pictures created interactive visual performances in NYSCI's Great Hall where children could do a hands-on live visual performance on giant displays.