Cooper-Hewitt Museum

We are honored to have collaborated with Charlie Morrow on "TOOLS SOUND IMAGE", an original artwork that introduces the "TOOLS: Extending our Reach" exhibit at the newly re-opened Cooper-Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum. "TOOLS SOUND IMAGE" takes an intimate look at the use of many diverse tools as they interface with their human users. "TOOLS SOUND IMAGE" was commissioned by the Smithsonian for inclusion in this exhibit and is on display now at the Cooper-Hewitt.

VOB traveled to the Northeast Kingdom and integrated with our local team and subjects. His visual and sonic meditation skills brought focus to the subject, hand work in 17 scenes with 17 individual artisans,VOB shot art-directed fixed-camera scenes of the hand work with sync 3D sound for the MorrowSound Cube. Image and immersive sound played beautifully together as the TOOLS show entrance experience, Cooper-Hewitt National Museum of Design: a large screen on one wall, a MorrowSound Cube exciting the room, immersing the visitors in the video scenes and the entire exhibit itself.
— Charlie Morrow